Monday, January 18, 2016

Lights Out

Imagine, you are the keynote speaker with a room full of professional speakers as your audience. Your PowerPoint presentation slides are timed to precision. As you speak, you realize that you have the audience eating out of your hand. They even laugh at the right spots. You realize that you are at the top of your game ... until

a power outage! No lights, no slides, no microphone ... no kidding. Could the timing have been worse? Half of the town is without electricity, and there you stand on the stage ... thinking to yourself, what am I going to do? Well thank God, your laptop is running on battery, so you can describe the slides in greater detail. When you do, you are surprised at the crowds reaction - thunderous applause.

This actually happened to Ricky Powell, DTM at LACE South - Chapman University. What amazed us all was the ease and calm with which Ricky used the circumstance to drive home the point - when life happens, and it will, choose happiness and joy! WOW! It was as if the Patron Saint of Public Speaking chose to immortalize Ricky with an unforgettable performance. How big was the impact of his presentation? Did you see you the last 10 seconds of the 2015 Michigan - Michigan State game? If you didn't, it was epic.

With confidence, composure, and clarity ... Ricky Powell nailed a "hole in one" blindfolded, with one arm tied behind his back. If you were there, you will be telling your grandchildren about the day the lights went out in Orange. If you weren't, well there's always LACE North ( January 30,2016 ) at Caltech.

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