Friday, January 1, 2016


You have two options in life. You will have dreams and hopes and goals and plans. First, you can choose whether you believe them and claim them as yours. Or, second, you can choose to dismiss these as just selfish and hopeless acts of vanity. One will bring you happiness, joy and prosperity. The other is certain to bring you disappointment, regret and resentment. Napoleon Hill is famous for saying "what the mind can conceive, and believe ... it will achieve." Every successful person in life understands that the secret to success is dreaming BIG, believing that it is possible and then through everything they say and do - make that dream a reality.

I suppose that if I told you that you could find like minded people in the secret society of Skull and Bones, you would be intrigued and give serious thought to joining. The problem with that is that membership is a) through invitation only; and b) reserved for enrolled students at Yale. I hope you aren't too disappointed. Well, I know of another international organization that provides great opportunities to help you improve your communication skills. Additionally, this organization has a learning program to mentor you through a variety of leadership experiences. Is this something that sounds attractive to you?

Toastmasters International is more like a Mastermind Group for Speakers and Leaders than a fraternal organization like the Kiwanis, the Rotary Club or the Freemasons. In this blog, I will be sharing how local groups are applying the Drink, Speak and Lead model to assist their members in being the best speakers and leaders they can possibly be, through a structured and easy to follow educational program, practice opportunities and fulfilling leadership assignments and roles.

It's a new year and a fresh opportunity to turn your resolution into a reality!

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